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Difference between Permanent Makeup and Tattoo

Permanent makeup.

I would like to explain what is the difference between the PM (permanent makeup) and tattoos, which many masters do in the face. Permanent Makeup is a gentle deposition of a pigment to a depth of 0.3 - 0.8 mm. PM must to fade finally. Tattoo pigment lays down on a greater depth.

It is strictly forbidden to do a tattoo on a face, because in order to get rid of this "beauty" you have to go through laser procedure. Cover up this mess is very difficult, sometimes impossible. Blue eyebrows, blue arrows and burgundy lips is the tattoo. Feel free to go to the laser).

In the begining when permanent makeup became popular, no one knew how to do it correctly and everybody did a tattoo. Now we have more information, schools and teachers and there are many techniques that make it possible to do beautiful work, without spoiling the face. There is a lot of people who did not want to continue their education and keep doing tatoos. They destroy the reputation of the profession. It is bad, very bad. Because of them, many people have a negative idea of the PM.

We disappointed even more about these blue descended eyebrows, purple lips and blue eyeliners. We are sending dozens of people to the laser to remove this "beauty." I spend a lot of time trying to explain the difference between PM and tattoos. For many people, permanent is necessary procedure. For people with alopecia, scars, with a cleft lip, with hair loss, after plastic surgery... Permanent Makeup can significantly improve their appearance. What else I would like to say ... any damage to the skin rejuvenates it . This is due to regeneration that occurs after injury. For example, permanent makeup on the lips for women 50+ makes them look younger and small wrinkles smoothes. They are getting younger and more plumped. Permanent Makeup can improve your appearance only if the machine in the right hands ...

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