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Permanent makeup lips

The duration of the procedure on his lips, depending on the area of ​​operation and technology can range from 40 minutes to 3 hours. Speed ​​of work is not always an indicator of quality.

Home care. The period of healing is usually 3-5 days.

On the first day on the lips may be swelling for 2-3 hours and lips are usually darker then usual or brighter. In a few days lips start to flake. DONT TOUCH IT! The final result of the procedure can be judged only after 21-30 days.

You should follow these recommendations DAILY:

1. Do not touch the treated area unnecessarily. 2. Do not scratch, rubbing, or look at the treated area within 4 weeks. 3. Do not touch the crust! 4. Do not use cosmetics and around the treated area until healing has occurred. 5.No sauna, tanning salon and UV.

6.Always apply sunscreen when you are outdoors. (After the final HEALING!)

7.Take pills to prevent herpes

8.Do not use face cleaners and alcohol-based tonics on the lips

After four weeks after the final stage of pigmentation will get results.

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