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  • If you have naturally light eyelashes and eyebrows and lips

  • If you are active person: regularly visit swimming pool, do sports or travel a lot

  • If you are busy and the time means a lot to you to waste it

  • If you want to correct some asymmetry of face, some age signs

  • If you long for perfection and want to be up-to-date



permanenet makeup
permanenet makeup

Eyebrows permanent


Eyebrows are important and very characteristic part of the face. If Your eyebrows have unsuccessful shape and unclear line – that is when the eyebrow permanent is just a solution for You! We can make your eyebrows more dense and their color more saturated.

The eyebrows permanent will solve the problem of turned gray tips, non-symmetrical heads, unpretty hair growth , unclear shape and pigment absence (gray). Permanent make-up – the desire to be attractive beautiful forever!


Eyes permanent


With the help of permanent make-up you can make eyeliner for upper eyelids, draw the arrows, create the effect of dense eyelashes. You ‘ve been dreaming about the bright eyelashes, which will make your eyes soft and expressive? Perhaps the “fluffy eyelashes” procedure is just for you. The artist will fill the intercalary space with pigment – so the effect of dense and bright eyelashes appears. Such type of permanent suits absolutely everyone and will look good at any face.

These are arrows, which let to change the eye section , to make them bigger. With the help of arrows one can make raise or lower the eye corner. With the help of eyeliner one can make any effect ever desired with the sticking to some specific thin of the line, length, with choosing the correct color and appropriate line intensity. 


Lips permanent


That is the great opportunity to correct the lips shape or the lips color. Different solutions are possible: from the natural looking lips to fully pigment saturated lips surface. With the help of that technique one can make the lips more expressive, to correct their shape and to hide some roughness, to visually increase the lips size. By doing the lip permanent you will notice how attractive and sophisticated are your lips and yourself

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