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Can you imagine waking up looking refreshed and ready to go out the door?

Seem impossible, not really. I specialize in new shading technique for eyebrows, that will make your eyebrows look natural. Lips,  Eyeliner, Skin and Scar Camouflage and also the popular Eyelash extensions. 

All the materials used  are from the world leading producers – the coloring pigments and the most modern anesthesia – the latest achievements of the chemists, technologists and pharmacists. All these is 100% safe and give all the answers to the color matching in permanent make-up and to the decrease of the pain threshold to the minimum.


The permanent make-up procedure is very comfortable and can be made with such short recovery period. Each procedure takes in average 1, 5 – 2 hours, the full recovery takes 5-7 days with some slight limitations for the best and the fastest recovery of the skin surface. Skin renews in 21 days.


Is Permanent Makeup safe?

-It's totally safe! The pigments used for permanent cosmetics are FDA approved. As a licensed specialist I follow the highest hygiene and safety standards. All  my permanent makeup devices aresafe and engineered designed against cross contamination. Disposable and "single use only" needles are used for your safety and mine. All the supplies are one time use as well and everything is discarded after each client.


How painful is it?

-I use anesthetics, so you can feel it, but its not that painful)


How long does Permanent Makeup lasts?

-Permanent makeup may only last between 1 to 5 years depending on the person's life style, daily skin care products used, sun exposure, medications, and chemical peels among other factor that may affect the longevity of the pigment. After the initial procedure it's recommended to set a follow up visit once at year or every other year to do adjustments on shape if desired and or for color boosting.


Will people see the difference?
People will definitely notice the difference. If you want a discrete enhancement, the difference is going to be subtle, but if you want a make-up look then obviously the difference will be more apparent.


Can I choose which colours are used?
Most certainly you can choose which colors are used. The practitioner will give her professional advice to you, but at the end of the day you are the decision maker and we work together as a team to decide which are the most suitable colours for your personal look.

How long does it take?
Generally, a procedure will take approximately one hour and a half, and one month later you would return and we would schedule a 45-minute session that just allows us to perfect it for you.


Can I still wear a decorative makeup?
Most definitely. Once the procedure has healed, you can apply conventional make-up on top of your permanent make-up enhancement, so it gives you the opportunity to change your look if you wish.


How long will it last?
Permanent makeup will last possibly for a number of years. It's really dependent on many variables, but the most significant one is the colors that you use. For instance, on a pale eyebrow you're going to use a blond, and that's going to fade a lot faster than a black eyeliner.


Will sun exposure affect it?
Sun exposure will affect the lifespan of your permanent makeup procedure. Regular sun exposure will cause it to fade faster.


I have a sensitive skin, can I still have a permanent makeup?
Yes, you absolutely can. In fact, those people who have got allergies to conventional make-up, it's a great alternative for them. Generally, if someone had a sensitive skin, the practioner would alter the treatment plan and possibly add an extra visit, so that the application time is less.


Can I have it done in the privacy of my own home?
We wouldn't recommend that you receive a permanent makeup procedure in the privacy of your own home. We have to meet very stringent hygiene standards and a domestic environment would not meet those standards.


As I age will the makeup still look good?
Unlike a conventional tattoo, permanent make-up is designed to fade and so you're never really going to come up against that because as the skin starts to move or to sag, the procedure will have faded out.


Can I get the area wet?
During the healing process we ask that you don't get the area wet. For things like washing your hair and washing your face, or brushing your teeth, we ask you to apply a thin layer of Vaseline, just to protect it from the water.


Is permanent makeup similar to tattooing?
Permanent makeup is similar to tattooing in the process, but the pigments are designed to fade and therefore it doesn't have the permanency of a regular tattoo.


How soon could I return to work?
You can return to work the next day as long as you're not in the forefront of the public eye. The reason that we say this is because you cannot put makeup over the area during the healing process. There's going to be some redness, a little bit of swelling immediately after the procedure. It's going to look like you're wearing a heavy makeup, so yes you could go back to work the next day.


Dear women and girls!

If you would like to make permanent makeup, write to me personally, ask your questions. I will answer all personally.


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